For our player clients,the services we give them depends mostly on their current
status as players. For the youngsters still coming up in their careers, we
assist them get placements in academies, youth clubs, schools etc. We assist the
academically bright ones get sports scholarships in various universities and
colleges around the world, especially in the United States of America.

With the professional footballers,for those still based in their home leagues in
Africa we assist them get contracts with clubs overseas. We initiate the process
through our numerous contacts with clubs, agents and fellow sports lawyers by
sharing their actin dvds, media reports etc. Through this process we have been
able to place many hitherto homebased players in clubs around the world, helping them seek greener pastures and career improvement.

For professional players already plying their trades in Europe and Asia, we asisst them earn more lucrative contracts and endorsement deals, and also come to their aid in instances whereby clubs try to short charge them or terminate their contracts without just cause or sporting just cause.

We also stand by them when they may face disciplinary hearings, providing support and adequate legal representation at all times for them.

Our Media and PR department also use our links in the print and electronic media to ensure that they are not given raw deals in the hand of the press and that at all times necesary their own side of a story is heard. This department also promotes players and brings their achievements to limelight in the relevant places to help them attract good offers and also national team call ups.