Even though we can be of service to clubs and associations involved in different sports due to our knowledge of, and experience in handling matters and issues relevant to various other sports, we specialise mostly in football related matters and we work with football clubs worldwide in the following ways:

INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS: We represent Our Clients in international transfers by going through the contracts before they are signed to ensure their interests are protected, and that the terms on offer are clearly understood by them before they reach an agreement with the other club. We also assist clients market players whom they desire to sell, and also attract players whom they would like to sign on. In transfers which we are not involved in the above ways, we may only offer legal advice during negotiations.

FOSTERING AFFILIATIONS AND PARTNERSHIPS: We also assist clubs and academies seek and attract international affiliations and partnerships with European clubs to facilitate smooth transfer of players between both clubs.

DISPUTES OF AN INTERNATIONAL NATURE: For disputes of an international nature between clubs and foreign players, agents, other clubs, etc we appear before FIFA, Court of Arbitration in Sports (CAS) and other international panels on behalf of Our Clients.

RECOVERING TRAINING COMPENSATION AND THE SOLIDARITY MECHANISM: We run a database of players who have been previously registered with Our Clients and monitor the movements of these ex- players in order to enable Our Clients know when these players move clubs so as to help them recover training compensation and solidarity mechanism from the new clubs.